…they never should have said yes…

Sometimes I just think every thing I need to said yes, like I see an lady is stand on the bus station and I think when the bus is coming every one is going to squish into the bus and  lady is going to fall down.So I tell every one need to line up and the people who Is old or young need to go first. When I when home my mum ask me did you do that?Did you tell every one to line up?I said yes because she is my mum and I need tell the trues to her.


There is a man who is riding an old brown bike on the grass . He saw some straw so he want to go over it .When he is ready to g faster to went throw it he rushed so he was stuck his head and body inside the straw and his legs and feet is in the outside . The ma nearly see that his old brown bike is broken and lie down on his left . When he is went out of the straw , he saw when he rushed throw it he kicked a packet of fruits and vegetables .

He would never rush again.







I think the poetry is a thing that you can read that and it is very short and fun .

A rat is going to the kitchen to steal a chicken ,                              get the chicken and run to home ,                                                  a man see the chicken is move is selfs ,                                            he eat the chicken ,                                                                   and see the rat .

There is a girl name is Apple ,                                              she eat a apple in an giant apple house ,                               her mum called her to eat the apple pie ,                                                and she eat her apple tie ,                                                       and her mum said her daughter is an silly apple .



Dan three notes

Dan Three Notes

  • I was brought to the captain .
  • I had disobeyed the orders.
  • Dan said he just returned it .
  • Meet Waruwi .
  • Worrowee give Dan something and a man see
  • Give captain a puppy .
  • Captain said Dan is a good solder .

Dan three

I was going to the tent to meet the captain . When I was here captain was sitting on his chair to read a book . When he saw Dan is here he said “you have stolen a dog “and then he ask a man to make a stick . When Dan was make the stick with that man , he saw worrruwi is held some old cloth then Dan and the solder saw that there was a little white puppy . When captain is here Dan show captain the little puppy . Captain smiled at Dan and said you can have it , Captain finally said to Dan you are a good solder . Worruri you are the best saver .


Complex sentences

We have been looking at complex sentences in class. A complex sentence is a sentence that has a dependent clause as well as a main clause. A main clause on its own is called a simple sentence.


We were given the following simple sentences based on the image below and I have turned them into complex sentences (with the dependent clause in

The men sat at the table. After walking to the bottom of the garden, the men sat at the table.
The men wore red coats. The men wore red coats because they had to.
The men were feeling tired. During the Captain’s boring speech, the men were feeling tired.
The table was piled high with food. The table, which was down by the water that day, was piled high with food.
The weather was very hot today. After several days of rain, the weather was very hot today.







John the Convict

John a nine years old child in London

There are some children in the First Fleet ships from London to Australia because in London there were many children didn’t has mum and dad so they can’t go to school , ate delicious foods and all the staff he or she want . They put the children who stealing things in the jail.People use a rope to around the child’s neck and tell them don’t stealing things and then maybe kill the child who still want to stealing things . But they have a problem because if there is many children in the jail and it didn’t have enough space to put more children in the jail . So they send some people on the ship from London to Australia .


John is a nine years old children and he is a child who only stealing a hat from a house . He is a very very dirty child ,there is many dirt on his face and skin . John has been in jail for few month and later he went on the ship and from London to Australia . When John was in the Australia New South Wales and he is much more clean after on the ship to have a warm shower . Then he stand on the top of the ship and saw New South Wales and it was the beautiful place John has been .


John meet many child like him didn’t have a family or from the jail of London to Australia and they become to friends . When John is an good man and there is still many children are from London to Australia .

100WC T3W4

This guy have a very bad day.

100 word challenge

There is a old man who is sitting near the river and use a machine and there is many machines same as the old man’s machine. The machines is floating on the water and the old man is wash the machines. I think it is a machine can ride on the water and it looks very fast and dirty so the man need to washing it.

But when I looked behind me

…but when I looked behind me…

I looked behind me ,I saw a rabbit is behind a tree.

I looked behind me ,I saw my sister is chasing a butterfly.

I looked behind me ,I saw my books is dropped on the floor.


There are many things behind me : messy room ,my books ,my bed ,my sister’s toys and the iPad.i asked my sister you can help me to clean the room? My sister said she is ready to help me to clean the room.


When we finish cleaning I saw my room is very nice and clean .